These are so yummy.   An absolute favorite at my house!  They are great for grilling or baking.  If you are not  in the mood  to grill, all you have to do is pop them in the oven and they come out just as tasty as if they were grilled.  The cooking minimizes the heat from the peppers (unless you get  one of those rare hot little buggers).  They are a great snack, sometimes Hubby and I eat them as a meal, shhhh dot tell anyone….



10 – 15 Jalapenos depending on size

I package cream cheese softened

½ cup of cheese (your choice)

¾ cup cooked sausage


Season it all


Wash the Jalapenos.  Pop the stem off of each pepper.  Cut each pepper in ½ and de seed them.  Don’t forget to wear gloves for this to protect yourself from the peppers.  Nothing is worse than an eye itch with pepper fingers!

In a bowl add the cheese and the sausage.  Add the cream cheese cut into chunks.  (don’t remove your gloves yet).  Use your hands to mix this all together.  Squish and kneed around in your bowl to combine everything.

Fill your peppers with the mixture, I use my hands since I have on gloves.  Once they are all filled it is time to wrap them in the bacon.  If you are using smaller peppers you may be able to use ½ a piece of bacon per jalapeno.  Place the wrapped jalapenos on a cookie sheet and sprinkle with season it all.

Put them on the grill or bake at 350 till the bacon is cooked.  Enjoy!

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