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This carpet freshener is easy and fast to make.  Most people have the materials at home right now!


1 cup baking soda

1 cup borax (optional for flea control …see note below)

5-10 drops essential oil (lemon grass and or rosemary smell divine!)


NOTE:  Do not breath borax, if you are anyone in your home have respiratory issues do not use borax.  If you are not having trouble with fleas omit the borax for baking soda.


Place baking soda and Borax (if using)   into a container.  Shake it a little just to mix them.  Add in the oil or combination of oils (the oil is optional but do use it).  Turn on your favorite dance tune and shake the heck outta it!  That is it, you are done!

Mason jars make perfect containers since you can just poke holes in the lid.  When you are ready to make another batch place a lid without holes for the shaking process then put your original hole lid in place.  Recycle carpet fresh containers, just use cling wrap under the lid during the shaking.  I up cycled a puffs can for mine.

Apply as needed to your carpets; allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes, and then vacuum.

The borax acts as a flea control by puncturing the flea eggs and fleas.  If you are using this for flea control use tea tree oil as your primary essential oil.

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4 Responses to Homemade carpet freshener

  • Kitty says:

    Have you tried this on upholstered furniture? My golden retriever loves my sofa–I keep it covered for her, and haven’t had to clean it yet, but seems like this might help with the doggy smell that things inevitably get. Better than spraying chemical fabric refresher, for sure. Thankfully with all hard surface floors, fleas haven’t been a problem.

    • Cheryl says:

      Hello Kitty, my furniture is want-to-be leather :lol: . I am sure this would work for a fabric sofa, personally I would keep pup out of the room while this process was taking place. I would vacuum the sofa very well (vacuuming is your best defense against flees), taking the seat cushions away from the sofa. Then use the freshener. Allow it to sit overnight. Vacuum the sofa and all its parts. Repeat this at least once a week till the fleas are under control. that is how I would approach the issue. If you have a steam cleaner, I would first steam clean the sofa, allow it to dry then use the freshener. just my thoughts, hope this helps!

  • Pupluvah says:

    Do you have anything for carpet stains my puppy had an accident and I didn’t realize it but when I cleaned it there was a small stain and it is stiff in that one spot

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